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Our daily lives have become increasingly reliant on the internet. More than two-thirds of individuals can’t imagine their lives, according to a Forbes survey performed in 23 nations. With 82 percent of the vote, India leads the study. According to the statistics, the internet has become a necessary commodity.

A browser and a search engine are required to access the internet. With an 87.35 percent market share, Google is the most popular search engine. Via TechiePlus you can learn more about various browsers .

Let’s look at six browser secrets that only experienced internet users are aware of in the following article.

Incognito Windows 

Many people utilize incognito mode since all major browsers support it, which means that a user’s previous activity will not be logged and saved in their history.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Numerous keyboard shortcuts make using the browser straightforward. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

  • You can navigate between tabs without using a mouse or touchpad by pressing and holding the Control key and the number 1 to 9 (depending on the tab number). If you have more than nine tabs, you can use the Control Key and Page Up or Page Down to navigate.
  • By pressing Control Shift and D and clearing it, you can instantly wipe browsing data.
  • By pressing Control and Kor Control, and E, you can rapidly access the URL bar for typing.

Use the Browser as a Media Player

The software does not operate when you try to play an audio file with your media player on your computer. Then this might come in handy. All you have to do now is select the audio file you wish to play and drag it directly into the address bar of the Google Chrome browser. You may also use this approach to view image files and Microsoft Office documents in your browser (mostly.pdf files).

Simple Email Composing from the URL Bar

You can send an email right from the URL bar without having to go to your domain’s website. It is convenient to bypass opening a new webpage, hitting compose, and then completing the task.

After the colon, insert “mailto:” and the email address to which you want to send the message. A compose window will open immediately in your default email client. You can type and send the email.

Increasing the quality of your search results:

You can make a few changes and can increase the quality of your search results. Let’s see a few of them.

  • You can use particular keywords to get search results. To accomplish so, use quotation marks (“) around a specific word in your statement, and you’ll obtain it.
  • You can filter off results that contain specific words. To do so, use the minus or dash(-) sign to filter off results for that phrase’s term. It aids in the removal of unwanted search results for a specific website.
  • You can obtain documents of a specific file format. To do so, type in the topic for which you wish to create a copy, followed by “file-type” and the ip address errors document’s extension (pdf or doc, etc.). This will provide you with the necessary documents for your quest.

Playing around with Google:

You can do a lot of fun things with Google as your search engine. Let’s find out who they are.

  • Type “do a barrel roll” into Google. You’ll see that the page is rolling.
  • Using Google, search for “Google Askew” and click the first link. Google will skew the home page.
  • Open Google and type “Google Gravity” into the search box. Click the first link and watch the home page collapse!
  • Open Google and enter in “zerg rush,” then click on the first link. Have fun!
  • Open Google and type “Google Sphere” in the search box, then click the first link. The home page will be displayed in a sphere style.
  • Open Google and type in “Atari Breakout” to get a taste of the game’s nostalgia!
  • Open Google and type in “Google Pacman” to play Pacman on your computer while listening to classical music!


People in the twenty-first century must take extra precautions and be more aware of internet threats, as these may not produce any proclamations or suspicions. They invade our systems without our permission. To stay safe, we must strike a balance between our privacy/security and the ease of technology.

We now have everything at our fingertips because of the rapid growth of the internet, which has reached millions of people worldwide. There are many more secrets and hidden features that we may exploit to get the most out of the browser than the six listed above. So go ahead and dig as deep as you can. Have fun with the above features for your convenience and comfort.

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