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Every time we log on to Facebook, we scroll, engage, and publish fresh posts for our friends and fans, oblivious to the fact that behind the scenes at Facebook HQ, new features are being brought out daily to enhance your Facebook journey. In this article, we’ll walk you through the steps 5 Facebook features you are missing out on! Here’s how to tailor the social media network to your interests and demands, regardless of whether you’ve been a user for years or are just getting started.

Giving your posts more Viewership

The ‘Insights’ tab can be found located at the top of your Facebook profile. To begin with, click on ‘Posts.’ This has a great deal of valuable information regarding your page. You’ll be able to view the days and timelines when most of your friends and followers are online in this section. If you’re going to devote time to developing high-quality content, make it count, you should go for it and do it when your target viewers and the audience is most likely to view it. You may also check how successfully your latest posts have captivated your friends and followers farther down the page. You may try out Facebook Video Downloader to download videos to share on different platforms. You can also sort all posts according to how many persons have had the chance to view them by clicking the ‘reach’ section, and in case you discover anything that works, keep doing it! Yet another way to go about it is also by hovering over the “XYZ people saw this post,” upon which a pop-up will show you the Viewership your posts have received and let you compare them as well.

Boosting Posts to expand engagement

Explore the ‘boost post’ button to enhance the reach of your Facebook postings for just a small fee. Instead of promoting your posts to new individuals, this function performs effectively (and is best) when you use it to publicize critical posts to your own Facebook page supporters. For a few pounds spanning two to three days, you could guarantee that significant posts, such as those promoting the debut of your company, a product promotion, or a special deal, are viewed by hundreds more of your friends and followers than they would be if shared commonly.

Pinning the best posts at the top of your Account

You can ‘pin’ a post to the very top of your Facebook page if you’ve posted or shared anything particularly noteworthy or something that your friends or followers have especially enjoyed or got the most reach. A pinned post will remain at the very top of the page until you decide to ‘unpin’ it or opt to pin something new to the top. Ensuring that you are always ahead of your game; prevents Ebook Websites the content from being dragged at the bottom of your Account every time you make a new post, ensuring that any new viewers to your page receive the most recent update first.

Unfollowing accounts without necessarily Unfriending

In principle, all of your Facebook friends should be people you appreciate and want to communicate with, but this isn’t always the case. Unfriending a relative, you are obligated to follow but are not close to or a bothersome old acquaintance, on the other hand, would be impolite. In this situation, you can unfollow them to take the easy way out. Although their posts won’t appear in your News Feed, you’ll indeed still be “friends” on Facebook. Select the dropdown and click “Unfollow friend” to remove them from your News Feed. They will not receive a notification of this action. They will not be notified so that you can scroll without interruption. Afterward, click Settings & Privacy > News Feed Preferences > Reconnect if you wish to reestablish your virtual relationship later.

Managing Ad Preferences

Even though Facebook’s business model is centered on providing marketers with precise data on its users’ interests, preferences, users have the power to manage their ad experience. Head on to Settings -> Ads. The very first tab is Advertisers that you can hide one by one, starting with Advertisers you’ve viewed most recently. You may see a list of all the advertising you’ve blocked and also a report of the ads you’ve opened if you wish to stop them immediately. You’ll also find a handful that is tailored to your Social Media Engagement Strategies preferences if you go to Ad Topics. You can do so by clicking See Fewer, but you can’t altogether disable them. The Ad Settings page is by far one of the most valuable features . It allows you to restrict the volume of data Facebook collects from advertisers, the subcategories it uses, and the businesses that have added you to their audience database for target advertising. You can also set a limit on the sheer number of Facebook-created ads that appear on other websites. These are all limited settings, but they’re still pretty useful. The hardest part, although, is that you have to go through each one individually.

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