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The .NET structure has various courses of action for libraries. These libraries will support various tongues, for instance, VB.NET, C#.NET, ASP.NET, etc. These libraries are the backbones of the .NET ® framework. Artists of the .NET framework have gone up against such an enormous number of issues while coding in the C, C++ condition. They offer the correct responses for these issues by giving different and wide features in .NET structure.

The rich assistance of Graphical UI is one of the tremendous features. Using IDE we can move various controls without the need to code it. The code will create normally while pulling and drop.C#.NET Training Course, ADO.NET Training Course, ASP.NET Training Course.

Ton and tremendous measures of features they are including each structure release. Silver-light, Azure is the latest component having gigantic measures of features. These tremendous measures of features will offer solutions to their issues. Intellisense is another colossal part. This component will auto-complete the words when you type in IDE. Astute will propose you the various words when you type a letter or more. This component will really cause the product architect to dismiss their etymological structure while coding.

Introduction to .Net

 .Net Framework and CLR

 Introduction to Visual studio

Introduction to C#

 Overview of C#

 Data Types

 Memory Concepts

 Control Structures

 Arrays

 Namespaces

Article Oriented Programming

 Classes and Objects

 Constructors

 Inheritance

 Polymorphism

 Abstract

 Interface

 Delegates

 Exception Handling

 Reflections

 Indexers

 Threading

Graphical User Interface (Win structures)

 Intro to Win structures

 Event dealing with

 Toolbox

 Custom apparatus compartment controls

 User portrayed controls

 Graphic controls

 Files and streams

 Usage and executions of controls

 Software Development

MSSQL Server

 Intro to databases

 Relational database thoughts

 Structured Query Language

 Stored Procedures

 Functions

 Triggers


 Basics of

 Connected and Disconnected modes

 Programming with

CSS and JavaScript



 Intro to Web structures

 Web Controls

 Server Controls

 Client Controls

 Navigation Controls

 Validations

 Master Page

 State Management Techniques

 Caching


 Web Services


 Silverlight

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