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In this digital age, practically everything is digital, going digital. Books also are not far behind in the race. A Digital file for a book is known as an eBook. Books and information are all digital marketing efforts, so that anyone will prefer an eBook over a hard copy because of its ease and advantages; in a single device, we can store hundreds of thousands of books accessible anywhere. Also, I want to add that from the websites listed below, none of them are illegal. They are entirely safe and legal to use.

Here, 5 eBook websites you can refer to are listed below:

Google books

Google books work as a search engine bit it is only for books. It is a reliable source for eBooks. The google books search engine has been in existence since 2004; type in a keyword, title, or any author. This site will show a bunch of links and short summaries of each search called snippets. Then you can read the preview or the whole book depending on the copyright of the book. There are so many exciting and educational books are in the public domain. Google books can be an excellent path to access them all. This website also provides links to the books on various e-commerce websites if the book has copyright. You can even try out Google Books downloader, enabling you to download Google Books from the app.

Open library

It is an initiative by Internet Archive, a non-profit library of California state, and it went online in 2007 in November month. Here, there is something for everyone, whether a teacher or a student, researcher, historian. They say that their goal is to put a page on their website for every book written or published. It has a collection of thousands of scanned books. You can even search for social media engagement strategies the textbooks’ name or even the subject. It is accessible to everyone, but to use some extra features, you have to sign-up for that.  It also allows users to edit and add information for the title, which has to be compared with Wikipedia. This website has two options for the books “Borrow” and the “read” option. World cat is the library through which anyone on this website borrows or reads.



This website is famous for its collection of fictional and fantasy books. is an online free eBook website that provides a wide range of popular and most demanded categories like Fiction, academic, non-fiction, textbooks, audiobooks, ETC. Here, you can download books of various formats like PDF, ePub, HTML, and Mobipocket. You can read those books with the help of adobe digital editions, or you can also download an extension on chrome for the texts formats. To access all the features of this website, monthly, a lifetime plan is also available. Anyone could also publish their books. It has a five-star rating means customers and overwhelmed by the service they provide. It is also one of the best places to find eBooks free of cost, considering its simple, easy-to-use layout.


It was established in 1989, and since then, it’s been a trustworthy and reliable source of books. It is a bit old website, but no other website can beat their selection of books, titles. This website mainly focuses on academics. It is a professional eBook website, so they have a vast collection for almost every field from marketing to accounting, career development, IT management and business, and many more. You can download any book available on this website in PDF format without any registration, and This is the best part of the website. I have used this for many purposes, like reading and gathering information buried deep inside the ebooks. This website has the highest downloads of books among all the others. Their pricing includes two categories of “Business plan” and “corporate eLibrary.”

Z library

Z library is a free website for eBooks, Where you can find books of your interest of various genres. Many people believe that it is the best website till now for eBooks. It is easy to use, free from any ads, and most importantly, it provides service free of cost. It also includes journals, articles, and academic texts. It has one of the largest and most important libraries in the world.  They say that their goal is to make books or any kind of information available to everyone. To avail all the features of the website, you have to create an account on it. There is a limit of downloads for a day per IP, but to increase the number of downloads each day, you have to create an account on this website that takes less than 5 minutes.

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