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Ever wondered working on a computer and suddenly a message pops up on windows presenting you with a warning sign, and your internet shuts down, and your system becomes unusable. This is usually due to IP address conflict which can be easily eradicated by using this link. But, to know more let’s first understand what an IP address is. It is a unique address for a device to communicate with a network. But when somehow two devices get connected to the same IP address, the network on both the devices get disabled, and both the devices lose their connectivity until the conflict is resolved. 

In this article, you will find a solution to fix the IP address errors, which might resolve all your problems related to your IP address issues. 

Renew IP address- 

An IP address can be renewed and released by your computer using CMD. Go to the prompt and type the command “ipconfig/release” to release your IP address. If there are several adapters connected to your device, you will see Ethernet adapter ethernet heading for wireless, and you will see WiFi or something similar. But if your computer is set up with a static IP address, you will see an operation failed error message will prompt on the screen. In this scenario, skip down to the Reconfigure Static IP address section. Run this command, and then you need to run the renew your IP address command, which it will get from the DHCP server. After following the above commands and following the steps mentioned above in a few seconds, you shall see the results, and a new IP address will be listed next to IPV4 address. 

Troubleshooting  Static IP address – 

Try restarting your PC. If that doesn’t work, then the problem might be a little deeper. Check your computer if it is using a static IP address. For that, open settings and go to the network and internet. Click on the status next, click on the change adapter option and double click the name of your internet connection. On the result screen, you will find properties. Click on it and double click on Internet protocol version 4. This should obtain an IP address automatically if it doesn’t click on OK and continue the above steps until the issue is resolved and the conflict related to the IP address goes away. 

If the above steps still don’t work for you, go to the router’s administration panel and look at the connected devices. You will find a number of devices in attached devices, connected devices, and my network. Check for any duplicate IP addresses. If you find any two devices with the same IP address, refresh their IPs, which will resolve your conflict. 

Slow internet performance- 

It is mainly due to, slow internet performance as an overloaded port or switch might diminish the performance. 

Use speed tests from various sites available online, conduct tests from remote servers. By doing this, it might pinpoint to the areas where the ISP’s are congested. In some cable internet cases, your network is shared among the neighbors that might cost you a costlier bandwidth cable, see this problem and resolve it as soon as possible. 

Using wrong DNS servers can cause a problem as it is mostly an overlooked aspect of internet performance. Using the wrong DNS might cause overloading issues. This can be temporarily adjusted by DNS setting. 

Workstations are unable to connect to the network- 

When a single workstation is propping up a message of “no internet” while you open your web browser, you can assume that your network Is healthy and pay attention to any software or hardware which is particular to this system. 

We can start resolving this issue by replacing free wifi for customers communication barriers such as bad cables, poor WiFi signals, incorrect drivers, and poor signal cards. This might resolve your problem. If this also doesn’t work, Ensure that the workstation one is using is configured with the correct IP address, DNS server, and correct subnets. 

If you followed the above steps and you are still facing the same issues, you should check all the firewall software which are on the device and ensure that all the necessary ports are open to the external networks. Some of the common ports are 80 and 443 for the web traffic and 25, 110, 587,995, and 465 for the mail. 

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