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Toward the finish of 2006, Yang Ming works an armada of 94 vessels with a 4.0-million-D.W.T, of which holder ships are the mains administration power. There are likewise 10 mass transporters out of 94 vessels in activity. We transport more than 2.4 million TEUS (Twenty Feet Equivalent Units) a year.

Since the time its establishing, Yang Ming has embraced and polished this administration theory: “Cooperation, Innovation, Honesty, and Pragmatism.” meanwhile, making leaps forward and taking care of issues by deliberate endeavors, in accordance with the aphorism of “Dependable, Speedy, Reliable and Economical” administration, have been the keys to our remarkable exhibition and effectiveness. Yang Ming is one cryptocurrency for begineers of the world’s driving, experienced holder transportation organizations, because of relentless revival, its armada is similarly youthful.

With ISO-9001, ISO-14001, ISM CODE, ISPS CODE , and OHSAS 18001 authorizations and being granted with the ROC’s 1996 National Quality Outstanding Case Award, we at Yang Ming have never stopped to keep up with and work on our effectiveness. We all at Yang not set in stone and focused on improving client assistance, growing our administration degree and widening our administration areas significantly more through association unions with large numbers of the most conspicuous transportation organizations around the world like K-Line of Japan, COSCO of Mainland China, and Hanjin of South Korea, and so on Moreover, because of our drawn out commitment to our clients, Yang Ming is ceaselessly focusing on it to give top caliber “Timely, Speedy, Reliable, and Economical” support of each or our clients across the world. With our modernized, organized and effective administration, it shocks no one that Yang Ming’s container tracking dependable administrations have been perceived by our sure and requesting clients across the globe.

Business Profiles

Despite fast changes in transportation business climate and in our clients’ solicitation, to give our clients numerous decisions and quick delivery administration, our overseeing strategy incorporates continuously invigorating our essential coalitions with transportation accomplices like K-line, COSCO and Hanjin, growing the transportation administration organization and expanding calling ports. Also, through consistently utilizing new data innovation, overhauling PC frameworks, binding together the applicable data, and changing working interaction, we offer bitcoin price calculator electronic assistance to our clients and advance our functioning quality and amount too. The fundamental administrations we give include:

Liner Service:
Yang Ming Marine Transportation Corporation offers first rate booked holder transportation administration across Asia, Europe, America and Africa, deserving of trust by clients. We have been proceeding to redesign our armada and administrations in desires to become one of the world’s best transporters.

Mass Service:
Kuang Ming Shipping Corp., our offshoot, is proceeding to reinforce its mass freight business. It is booked to have a mass armada of in excess of 20 vessels by 2013 and become Taiwan’s greatest administrator of Panamax mass armada.

Terminal Service:
Yang Ming has put resources into restrictive terminals in Keelung, Kaohsiung and Taipei Harbor of Taiwan, Los Angeles and Tacoma of the United States, Antwerp of Belgium and Rotterdam of the Netherlands. Presently, we are occupied with terminal interest in Kaohsiung Harbor of Taiwan. The principal period of development of Kaohsiung Intercontinental Container Terminal will be finished by 2010 to make Kaohsiung into a parcel center of the Far East.

Coordinated operations Service:
Indeed Logistics Corporation, one more member of our own, offers all-round coordinated factors administration and works Kaohsiung Harbor’s exceptional Multi-temperature Warehousing Logistics focus in Taiwan. It has likewise settled planned operations stations in at significant harbors in Europe, America and China to frame a productive coordinated factors organization. Plus, Yang Ming online container tracking has set up proficient shipping organizations in Taiwan, UK, USA and China.

Social Undertakings:
Yang Ming is focused on the rule of “Getting from Society, Giving to Society.” with regards to this arrangement, we have designated our fundamental commitments on scholarly exercises and maritime social foundations. In 2004, Yang Ming established the YM Oceanic Culture and Art Museum close to the Port of Keelung, and after three years, we set up the YM Kaohsiung Museum of Marine Exploration close to the Port of Kaohsiung.

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