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I play retro games on current gadgets since I could do without the advertisements in the game. I additionally could do without a coin-based framework. Where you can purchase things as opposed to procuring by playing.

In any case, In this article, I will have not many motivation to not utilize Romsmania for downloading games roms. I have a rundown of better options that you can use rather than romsmania.

Why RomsMania Isn’t Safe?
Assuming you download roms to play on your android cell phone that is completely protected. In any case, it isn’t ok for windows romsmania not safe clients.

Whenever I attempt to download any game. It is in the exe design. Aside from windows it is in the zip design.


exe is design for the PC program. It could programming or malware. When the download is done my antivirus recognized it as malware.

romsmania not safe

However, I overlooked that I switch off the antivirus and run the product. Essentially it opens an exchange box where It offers other programming for establishment prior to downloading the game.

Toward the end, you can download your game. Presently I have a few purposes behind not utilizing it.

1.It requires additional investment to download the Game ROM
2.I might introduce the malware in the backend to take your information.
3.That is the reason you ought to utilize elective are protected to utilize.

Option in contrast To ROMSMania that Are Safe to Use
Following options are tried by our group and that are 100 percent protected to utilize.

DownloadRoms: This is the best site to download ROMs. Not just downloading you can play the games online also. It began in 2022. Inside 2-3 months, it draws in 1 million clients.

Notwithstanding, while at the same time downloading I need to trust that few seconds will begin the download interaction.

Its library is short contrasting with the download ROMs. However, it’s the benefit is less number of advertisements. So in the event that you effectively got disappointed by advertisements, attempt this site.

Romsdownload: This is an old site. In any case, it isn’t well known. In any case, it does the occupation effectively. Be that as it may, it doesn’t have play online element. You can download games.

While composing this article I didn’t track down a solitary advertisement on this site. Numerous gaming ROMs for instance GBA, SNES, NDA, GBC, N64, and so forth are accessible on this site.

Romsget: Another protected site to download ROMs. Appears as though this is one more duplicate of downloadroms. At any rate, you can download ROMs here also. It offers to play online component too.

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The most compelling motivation for not utilizing romsmania is it finds a way additional ways to download gaming roms.

Today there are such countless different sources that are protected to utilize and their library size is similarly to romsmania. So it’s a horrible idea to download gaming ROMs from the romsmania.

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