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Google is the name of an American organization established in 1998 by Sergey Brin and Larry Page. In spite of the fact that its most famous item is a web crawler, the organization gives a large group of PC administrations.

Google Drive
One of the apparatuses that Google offers to Web clients is Google Drive. This help, sent off in 2012, permits you to store records on the Web, with a free methodology and a few plans that require an installment. Google Drive arose as a trade for Google Docs, an instrument with comparable qualities.

Google Drive clients can save photographs, recordings, drawings, text records, and numerous different sorts of reports. The free variant of the help offers a limit of up to 15 gigabytes: the individuals who need to store more documents should buy a further developed plan. There are choices from $ 1.99 each month (100 GB of room) to $ 299.99 each month (30 TB of limit).

It ought to be noticed that Google Drive is a distributed computing or distributed computing administration: clients can get to their documents from any PC (PC), tablet, or cell phone by entering their ID and secret word. This implies that admittance to data isn’t restricted to a particular gadget.

Google Drive, then again, makes it simple to Cloud Services divide documents between many individuals. The record holder can welcome different clients to see, download, and additionally alter reports, without the need to send the documents by email or by different means.

Assume the guitarist of a musical gang records a song and stores the sound document on Google Drive. You can then approve your accomplices (the bassist, the drummer, and the artist) to download that record so they, as well, can work with your creation.

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